5 Ways To Find Free Or Affordable Hearing Aids

Hearing aids can be expensive, as we have discussed in previous articles before. This is especially more expensive when you do not have coverage from Medicare. Fortunately, there are ways around this dilemma. Here are five ways to find free or affordable hearing aids.

How to Find Free or Affordable Hearing Aids

Your Insurance

If you have private insurance, be sure to contact them first to see if they offer any financial assistance or coverage for hearing aids. It doesn’t hurt to ask and many of today’s plan offer coverage.


While the original Medicare doesn’t cover hearing aids, Medicaid allows coverage of hearing aids for people with low income. This is only available in selected states.

Those with higher income can also qualify temporarily. This is because of the “medically needy program” that was administered by the county social service agency.

To find out if you are qualified for Medicaid’s hearing aid coverage, please contact your local government’s county social services. You may also request an appointment to see if you are eligible for Medicaid.

Military Audiology Association & Williams Sound

If you are a veteran of military service, there is another option. Williams Sound has partnered with the Military Audiology Association or MAA to bring the Retiree Assistive Listening Devices (RALD) to those who are in active-duty and retired military service and their families.

The goal is to provide these heroes access to assistive listening devices or ALDs at a significantly more affordable price point. They also offer free personalized telephone support.

Additionally, vets of military service may also qualify for hearing aid assistance with the help of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Loan Programs

There are also local agencies that offer loan programs for hearing aids. Most of these loans are based on your income. There are also state assistive technology loan programs and state financial assistance programs for children with disabilities.

Charities and Foundations

Lastly, there are charities, foundations and organizations who are willing to help those who need financial assistance for hearing aids. Check out a list of these charities below.

  • United Health Care Children’s Foundation – this foundation offers to cover up to $5000 in medical costs for hearing aids per year for those with private insurance. Visit their website here.
  • Starkey Hearing Foundation and Hear Now – this foundation offers aid for those who are in need of hearing aids but are in a low-income household. The offer is for individuals residing in the United States. Visit their website at www.starkeyhearingfoundation.org
  • The Better Hearing Organization – this organization offer financial assistance programs to help you obtain hearing aids. Visit their website here.