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Ross Senior Discount Information

For many people, fashion is a deeply personal way of self-expression. Over our lifetimes, we develop styles unique to us. 

Still, even if you don’t consider yourself fashionable, clothing is part of our daily lives. Wearing something that is comfortable and makes you feel your best is important. 

And where can you find the best clothes deal other than Ross? At Ross you get the best of quality and price; though they offer department store quality clothing, Ross sells products at a much less expensive price. 

Hence the name “Ross Dress For Less.” Still, you can even get more discounts when you are a senior. 

But what are the senior deals and discounts at Ross?

Ross Senior Discount Information

The good thing is, even though Ross offers affordable clothing deals, they still offer senior discounts. Their senior discount program is known as “Every Tuesday Club.” 

Like what the name suggests, Ross’ senior discount program occurs every Tuesday. But being a senior does not automatically make you eligible for the discount program. So let us get into detail about Ross’ senior discount down below. 

To be eligible for the Every Tuesday Club of Ross’, you need to be at least 55 years old. Once you meet the age requirement, you need to sign up for their Every Tuesday Club senior discount program. 

How To Sign Up For The Every Tuesday Club 

It’s easy to sign up: go to the customer service counter and present a valid ID with your name and birthday. There are no options for signing up online or over the phone. This means that you will have to go to the store in person.

Many Ross shops will provide you with a card that will serve as the key to getting your discount. When you go shopping at Ross Stores, remember to bring it with you. If you do not receive a card, you may be required to provide identification each Tuesday while checking out.

This is a free service that allows seniors 55 and older to sign up and earn a 10 percent discount on Tuesday purchases made at participating stores. And even though it is just a 10 percent discount, seniors can still save a lot of money by shopping in Ross. 

The reason for that is because most of their products are already quoted to be 20 to 60 percent off when compared to higher-end department stores. So if you think about it, that is at least 30 percent off up to 80 percent off when you purchased it in a regular department store. 

And there are more ways to be able to save in Ross along with your senior discount. Here are some ways how. 

Inquire about price reductions for items that are damaged or stained. When an unexpected rip or stain appears on an item, Ross Stores staff are frequently authorized to issue a discount. Because the majority of their apparel goods are in good condition, they can afford to reduce the price somewhat in order to shift a faulty product.

Also, try to look for clearance areas for even less expensive deals.

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