verizon senior discount

Verizon Senior Discount Information

Verizon Senior Discount Information

Verizon is one of the biggest cell phone providers/networks in the U.S. If you are looking to get a new phone and/or service, you may be wondering if Verizon offers senior discount plans.

The good news is that Verizon does offer a plan for discounted rates for seniors. The bad news is there are limits on who is eligible for this plan.

One thing to note is that Verizon does not offer any discounts to AARP members. So the only senior plan available for Verizon customers are through the company itself. 

With all that said, let’s take a look at how you may be able to save on your Verizon service if you are a senior.

Verizon Senior Discount Information

Verizon offers their senior discount plan, the 55+ Unlimited Plan for those who are 55 and older. 

The first good thing about this discount plan is that it includes unlimited text, talk, and data. This allows seniors to be able to communicate with other people such as family members and friends. And you can do this as much as you want without worrying about data limits. 

And to add to that, not only does it include unlimited calls nationwide, but select plans also include neighboring countries such as Mexico and Canada. It also includes a 600Kbps Unlimited Mobile Hotspot. 

And it includes access to 4G LTE and 5G networks with nationwide coverage. 

You can also get the deal for a free 2-day shipping. Alternatively, you can get the deal on the same day for an in-store pickup. 

Other good things that are included in this plan include DVD – quality streaming. However, this plan is not yet available for everyone who needs it. 

Now, how much does the Verizon 55+ Unlimited Plan cost? This plan starts at $60 a month. 

However, you can add $20 for an additional line. This makes it a total of $80. 

This plan is $50 less expensive than the Verizon Go Unlimited Plan, which is the standard Verizon plan. 

For $60 to $80 a month, this deal includes many features with only one major drawback. 

You can only have 2 phones, at the most, on this plan. However, you can add up to 10 tablets and 25 connected devices (like a smartwatch) to your plan as well. 

The Limits Of This Verizon Senior Discount Plan

Now here’s the big downside of this plan. The only place it’s available is the state of Florida. You don’t technically have to live in Florida to get the plan. But you do need to have a billing address there. 

It used to be available in other states but is not any longer. However, if you got this plan when it was available in your state, you can keep the plan.

But unfortunately Verizon does not offer this discount plan in other states yet. This is the major drawback of this discount deal. At least if you don’t live in Florida.

Also, you do have to be a new Verizon customer to take advantage of this plan. If you already use Verizon, you will not be able to switch to this plan from your current one.