Social Security Benefits Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Understanding Social Security Social Security is a government program that provides financial assistance to eligible individuals who have retired, become disabled, or lost a family member. It is funded by payroll taxes paid by employees and employers. To be eligible for Social Security benefits, individuals must have earned enough work credits by paying into the […]

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Great Clips Senior Discount Information 

In 1982, Great Clips, Inc., a reputable and well-known salon, opened its doors in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This began its journey into the competitive world of hairstyling. Since its opening, Great Clips has grown into the world’s largest and most successful chain of hair salons.  It currently operates over 4,400 locations across the United States and […]

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AT&T Senior Discount Information

Do you struggle to use your mobile phone?  Sometimes seniors struggle to use a mobile smartphone because they are less familiar with this new technology than kids who have grown up in the internet age. Nonetheless, these devices are necessary for seniors, particularly for contacting family or in the event of an emergency. And AT&T […]

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