AT&T Senior Discounts

AT&T Senior Discount Information

Do you struggle to use your mobile phone? 

Sometimes seniors struggle to use a mobile smartphone because they are less familiar with this new technology than kids who have grown up in the internet age.

Nonetheless, these devices are necessary for seniors, particularly for contacting family or in the event of an emergency.

And AT&T is one of the major providers available for phones and smartphones in the United States. However, does AT&T offer senior discounts? 

Today, we will share with you whether AT&T offers senior discounts and, if they do, the details behind it so you can get your discount.

AT&T Senior Discount Information

Fortunately for seniors, AT&T does offer senior discounts on both internet and mobile device plans. 

In fact, the majority of network service providers provide a discounted version of their usual unlimited plan.

So how does this work at AT&T, and who qualifies?

How to Get an AT&T Senior Discount

For customers who are over the age of 65, AT&T offers discounted rates. 

With an AARP membership, senior citizens who have signed up with this company can receive a discount of 10% on any of the plans offered.

Also, AT&T has a senior-specific plan called the AT&T Senior Nation plan. 

To receive your discount, take an identification card, your AARP card, and a document showing proof of address to your local AT&T store. You can use this locator to Find a Store near you.

More Details of the AT&T Plans Compared to Competitors

While T-Mobile offers a contract-free option with their senior plans, AT&T’s Senior Nation plan does require a two-year contract. 

This AT&T basic phone plan is ideal for seniors who want to remain connected but do not want internet or text messaging.

It provides AT&T subscribers with unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling. That means you can phone and chat with any of your friends or family members who have an AT&T cell service.

Additionally, the AT&T Senior Nation plan includes 200 anytime minutes for calling non-AT&T customers, which you can use to phone or chat with friends who do not have AT&T. 

You’ll receive 500 additional minutes for night and weekend calls. Additionally, there are no roaming or long-distance fees.

Cost of AT&T Plans with the Discount

If you are a senior looking for a low-cost talk-only service, you can receive a plan for $29.99 per month.

Florida residents also have an exclusive AT&T senior plan known as the AT&T Unlimited 55+ Plan. 

AT&T offers this unlimited plan for 55-and-over customers at a monthly rate of $40 to $60 per line. It includes unlimited talk, text, and data. 

In addition to unlimited talk, text, and data in the United States, the Unlimited 55+ plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data in Canada and Mexico. 

Additionally, you’ll receive unlimited texting in over 120 countries, which is ideal for frequent travelers.

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