How Much Do Medical Alert Systems Cost?

How Much Do Medical Alert Systems Cost?

Many seniors love to live independently without caretakers such as family members or helpers. 

However, independent living poses a risk of injury and other conditions. For example, a fall or a slip can cause injuries that may lead to a serious emergency. And if a senior lives alone, there may be no one else there to get proper help. 

However, one way to avoid that lack of help is by investing in medical alert systems. With a press of a small button, you can call for help in an event of an emergency.

But how much do these medical alert systems cost? Read on to find out about these systems’ average upfront and monthly costs.

How Much Do Medical Alert Systems Cost?

How much a medical alert system costs varies from product to product. Many factors determine how much medical alert systems cost.

There are many aspects included in the costs of the medical alert system. These may include the following:

  • The equipment
  • Installation and activation fees
  • 24/7 emergency call monitoring
  • Monthly subscription
  • Extra equipment and features
  • Cellular service (for mobile alert systems)
  • Repair and replacement
  • Cancellation fees

We will walk you through each of these costs below to give you a better idea of where your money is going when you buy a medical alert system. 

Medical Alert Equipment 

These are the pieces of equipment that you will be using. It includes things like the in-home base unit, the wearable assistance button, and various wall-mounted help buttons. Payment for the equipment may be made in one lump sum or as part of the monthly monitoring fees, depending on the arrangement.

For upfront payment, it usually costs $100 or more.

Installation and Activation fees

Not all medical alert systems require an installation fee. For those that do, installation usually costs from $50 to $200. 

Monthly Subscription and 24/7 Monitoring

How much your monthly bills would be for medical alert system services differs by the services included. For example, a basic medical alert system service without additional features costs at least $20 a month. 

However, more advanced services cost around $40 to $50 a month, sometimes more.  

Extra Equipment and Features

Extra equipment for medical alert systems may include additional pendants, a PIN-protected lockbox, an extra wall-mounted help button, and more.

Additional features may include fall detection, wellness checks, medication reminders, and an upgraded system to give you more dedicated support. 

Usually, these additional features and equipment add $5 to $20 or more to your monthly expenses in your medical alert systems. 

Medical Alert Systems Repair and Replacement Cost

Although some companies include warranties as part of the service, others offer protection fees that you pay monthly. Protection fees usually range from $5 to $20 per month. 

Out-of-pocket repairs and full replacement can cost you $20 to $150. However, that will still depend on what needs to be fixed/replaced.

The cost of a medical alert system varies from one provider to another as well.