goodwill senior discount

Goodwill Senior Discount Information

Whether you consider yourself a thrifter, or are simply on a tight budget when it comes to buying clothes and homegoods, look no further! Your local Goodwill shop is the answer. Goodwill is one of the most popular thrift shops nationwide. 

Goodwill is known for keeping their prices affordable. This store offers great deals for many people. Some products you may be able to find unused or new. And, others that are not brand new are often in great condition for their new life!

In fact, there are many additional ways you may be able to save money at their stores. And one of those are senior discounts. 

But how does it work? This article will explore Goodwill’s senior discount information, and tell you who qualifies and how to get it.

Goodwill Senior Discount Information

Fortunately for seniors, Goodwill offers senior discounts, which can help them save money. However, there is no unified policy regarding senior discounts in Goodwill’s stores. 

Depending on where you live in the United States will affect what kind of discounts you get at Goodwill and when. Some only give senior discounts one day per year. 

More Information on Goodwill Locations and Discounts

In North America and Canada, 163 Goodwill regions are administered on an autonomous basis. Each Goodwill® region is governed by a local, volunteer Board of Directors, as well as a management team that oversees operations. 

Despite the fact that they are all committed to making a difference in people’s lives through the power of labor, each is focused on meeting local needs by establishing programs and services that are tailored to their own communities.

A few Goodwills provide discounts seven days a week. Some even give you an extra day to save during the week, where you can get a 25% discount on your entire purchase.

Do I Qualify for the Goodwill Senior Discount?

Again, the senior discount qualifications vary from store to store. Most of the time, on Tuesdays, Goodwill often offers a normal 10 percent discount to any seniors 60 and over who visit the store. 

However, this may be only the beginning of the savings. Make sure to check with your local store(s) to see if their policy applies on days other than Tuesdays.

For example, in Chesapeake Bay, the senior day is Wednesday instead of Tuesday. And their percentage is 30 percent rather than 10 percent. 

In Southern Piedmont, the senior discount day is still every Tuesday. However, the minimum age requirement is 55 and older, and the percentage off is 25 percent rather than 10 percent. 

In Southwestern Pennsylvania, their senior discount day is every Monday for people age 55 or older. They offer 25 percent off for senior citizens. 

In Southern Arizona, they offer a 20 percent discount to seniors every Tuesday and Wednesday. In Southern California, Goodwill offers 15 percent off to seniors age 55 and above for every purchase. 

Check out their websites for more specific information on Senior Discount Days in Canada and the U.S.!

Tips for Getting Your Senior Discount

Although Goodwill’s senior discount policies indeed differ from every branch, it is best to bring a valid ID that proves that you are a senior. It is likely if you are 55-60+ years old, you will qualify for their programs.

Many Goodwill stores also offer discounts to military people, whether they are active or retired. If you are a senior who served in the military before, you can use this to your advantage.