6 Persistent Myths About Hip Replacement Surgery

Being in constant pain and/or hobbled due to a bad hip is no fun. That’s why hip replacement surgeries are so common.

In fact, according to the CDC, there are over 330,000 hip replacements performed each year. But, as common as they are, there are still a lot of myths circulating about them. If you or a loved one are a candidate for hip replacement, it’s important to separate fact from fiction. And that’s exactly what we’ll do in this article.

Here are 6 of the most common hip replacement myths surrounding.

It’s only for old people

While it is true that the most common cause of hip damage is Osteoarthritis caused by old age, there are also other causes. Injuries, tumors, and broken bones being the most common. So can definitely be done on patients under the age of 60.

Doctors have also found that hip replacement surgeries are quite successful in younger people. Thanks to technological advances, new artificial parts can withstand more stress and strain on the hips even for those with an active lifestyle.

Long Recovery Times

This was true back years ago. Not so much any more. Now doctors have perfected a new process of hip replacement surgery. It’s minimally invasive and is performed using a mini-incision cut. And surgeons no longer cut through all of your muscles. Instead they’ve found a way to simply move them aside. All these advances have led to shorter recoveries.  

Hip Pain Is Normal Part Of Aging – Just Deal With It!!

Yes, it’s true that osteoarthritisis a normal part of aging. However, there is no good reason for you to tolerate the pain and keep suffering from a bad hip. When meds or therapy no longer work, the next best idea may very well be a hip replacement. It can completely eliminate the pain you get from ostheoarthritis.

You Can’t Walk For Weeks After The Surgery

This is totally false. In fact, it’s now possible for a patient to be up and walking the SAME day they undergo hip replacement surgery. And within two to three weeks, recovering patients are able to start driving again.

Hip Replacement Is Not For Those With Severe Arthritis

The truth of the matter is hip replacement surgeries are for those with severe hip arthritis. These are the most ideal candidates for hip replacements.

Hip Replacement Surgeries Have A Lot Of Complications

In the past there were several complications after a hip replacement surgery. This includes hip dislocation, infection and blood clots. However, hip surgery is more safe and effective than ever. Thanks largely to new surgical techniques and rapid recovery protocols.

Also, advances in prosthetics are resulting in better outcomes. That’s not to say there never are complications. There are risks with any surgery. But things have improved greatly over the years.

Those are 6 of the most common hip replacement myths. Wondering what this procedure costs? Find out in our article about hip replacement costs here.