Grocery Delivery For Seniors: 6 Great Options

Grocery delivery for seniors is just one more example of how technology is making our lives easier than ever.

Gone are the days when we had to venture out of the cave and hunt woolly mammoth in order to eat!

Now we can get food delivered to us. Often without ever leaving the couch or bed. This convenience is especially helpful for seniors who need extra assistance in their daily lives. A grocery delivery service can make sure seniors get the food they need. And that they get it delivered right to their doorstep.

Because these food delivery services are so popular, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here, we’re going to look at 6 popular options for grocery delivery for seniors we recommend looking into for you or your loved one.

Meals on Wheels

This incredible service is a network of more than 5,000 local programs. Each program runs independently. And they can each differ in terms of funding, services, eligibility and payment.

Their website, says that the funding they get can come from federal, state, local and private dollars.

Meals on Wheels offers both hot and ready-to-eat meals as well as cold/frozen meals. There’s an age requirement of 60 years and over in order to quality. The costs for the meals vary depending on various factors. It will often include a sliding fee scale that ranges from no cost to full price.


Instacart offers different options for seniors throughout the United States. This service can be used through their Smartphone app or their website. The app itself is easy to use, and user-friendly to seniors.

They have different options such as one-hour delivery where seniors will pay $7.99, For 2 hour or more delivery service, the cost goes down to $5.99. There is also a $149 membership level that includes free delivery. Instacart also offers a pickup option.

Another nice feature is that you can customize your Instacart grocery list based on your special dietary needs.


Another great option is Amazon’s latest service; AmazonFresh. It is a cost-effective and convenient service that helps you grab groceries and get them delivered straight to your doorstep.

One nice feature is customers can schedule the delivery during a specific time slot they choose. Also, the groceries are delivered fresh using insulated packaging. This packaging helps ensure that the perishable groceries will not spoil. This is especially nice in the summer or in areas that are hot all year round.

AmazonFresh is perfect for seniors who are already subscribers of AmazonPrime and other Amazon services. The annual membership is also affordable. Most importantly, they offer fast service and free delivery.


Walmart’s recent partnership with Postmates offers a great combination of quality and speed when it comes to grocery delivery. They offer a same-day delivery for a $10 fee with a minimum of $30 per order.

This service can be used on their Smartphone app or through their website. Seniors do not have to pay an annual fee. The prices are also consistently low, and the shoppers can pick only the highest quality products. Walmart-Postmates has personal shoppers who undergo a three-week-long training program where they are trained to choose only the freshest produce and meat.


FreshDirect is one of the oldest players in the grocery delivery game. This service covers most major American cities. They offer a lot of grocery options from dairy-free, vegan products, organic and all-natural, kosher items, gluten-free food, household and beauty products, pet supplies, wine, spirits, baby needs and more.

This service also offers prepared meals, high-quality organic produce, and everything is delivered at peak freshness within just a matter of days. There is a minimum order for home deliveries of $30 for most areas. There’s also a subscription required for any FreshDirect order. This subscription costs $79 for a 6-month delivery pass or $129 annually. Additionally, customers need to pay a delivery fee which ranges from $5.99 to $15.99 depending on your area.


Shipt is available in 30 different states. They also offer same-day delivery and offer an easy communication with the shopper. This service requires an annual subscription of $100, or there’s also a monthly option which costs $15. The delivery is free, as long as you have a minimum purchase of $35. The membership fees are considered as one of the lowest in the industry, and they boast consistently high quality products.

There you have it. 6 great grocery delivery for seniors options. Have a favorite that’s not on the list? Please share it in the comments below.