tractor supply senior discount

Tractor Supply Senior Discount Information

Many seniors prefer not to live in the city. They find it too crowded, loud, and the environment can be stress-inducing – certainly not ideal for retirement. 

And that is the reason why they move into the country instead. There are a lot of things to do in the country, including owning a farm or a ranch. 

But to get what you need, you need to purchase the right supplies. And that is what Tractor Supplies is all about. 

Tractor Supply Company is an American retailer that provides home improvement, agriculture, lawn and garden maintenance, livestock, horse, and pet care to recreational farmers and ranchers, pet owners, and landowners. But do they offer senior discounts? 

Today, we will share with you whether Tractor Supply provides senior discounts or not. 

Tractor Supply Senior Discount Information

Fortunately for seniors, Tractor Supply offers senior discounts to help them save money. Below are the details regarding the Tractor Supply Senior Discount. 

Some retail stores only offer senior discounts on certain days. However, Tractor Supply Co. does not offer a single-day discount program. Instead, senior citizens receive a senior discount on normally-priced items as long as the item is in stock time of their visit. That is, as long as the item is still available, seniors can take advantage of senior discounts each and every time they purchase.

What percentage off do they offer exactly for senior discounts? Every time they shop at Tractor Supply Co., seniors receive a 10 percent discount off regular-priced items.

What is the minimum age requirement for you to be eligible for Tractor Supply Co’s senior percentage off? Tractor Supply requires you to be at least 55 years old for the senior discount. 

Additionally, a staff member may request a valid ID to verify your age. So it is best to bring a valid ID at all times.

Exceptions to the Tractor Supply Senior Discount Policy

There are a couple of exceptions to your discount policy. First, the 10 percent discount cannot be used in conjunction with another promotion, such as a sale or clearance from a flyer. 

If you are purchasing an item advertised in the flyer, your cashier will determine which offer is the better deal. They will apply the greater of the two discounts offered to that item to the sale. 

Other items that are excluded from the senior percentage off include those items that are already on clearance or things such as animal feed, salt, “hot buys,” as well as any ammunition. In addition, the discount does not apply when purchasing gift cards, whether they are from a third party, an E-gift, or from Tractor Supply Company.

In conclusion, you can get 10 percent off on most items in Tractor Supply Co if you are a senior citizen.