5 Potential Health Benefits of Hemp Oil for Seniors

Hemp Oil, or Hemp Seed Oil is creating quite the stir in the medical world and we are starting to see an explosion of products that contain the oil hit the market, promising a wide range of benefits.

So what exactly is Hemp Oil and how can it help?

5 Potential Health Benefits of Hemp Oil

What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil comes from the seeds of food-grain hemp strain plants called Cannabis sativa. The food-grain strain of plants by law must contain less than 0.3 of percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This level creates very little risk for intoxication.

To be clear, Hemp Oil is NOT the same as CBD oil. CBD oil is derived from leaves, flowers and stalks of the hemp plant.

So what is all the fuss about? Here are 5 potential benefits of hemp seed oil that have doctors, scientists and many happy people excited.

Hemp Oil May Offer Natural Pain Relief

Chances are you’ve talked to someone at this point citing hemp oil and how it’s eased pain in creaky joints or old bones.

Hemp seed oil has been cited as a potential natural pain relief option. And one that is non-addictive and incredibly effective at stopping inflammation.

It May Improve Brain Health

Hemp seed oil is high in fatty acid content. Guess what does a brain good? Yup, healthy fats.

Our brains are largely made up of fats, and they need fat to work well. There are in fact numerous studies that show natural forms of fats, omegas, and DHA nourish, protect and enhance the performance of our brain’s cells.

Hemp Oil May Help Your Heart

Hemp seed oil contains alpha-linolenic acid, also called linolenic acid. This has been linked by doctors to potentially reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Other acids in hemp seed oil have been linked to potential benefits for other heart-related issues. This includes things like high cholesterol and blood pressure.

It Contains Polyphenols

Some plant-based foods contain polyphenols, which are micronutrients packed with antioxidants that could offer powerful health benefits.

These benefits include help with weight management, digestion issues, diabetes, neurodegenerative disease.

Hemp Oil May Improve Your Skin Health

Vitamins and fatty acids in hemp oil seed have been linked to medical characteristics that help inflammation, oxidation and other things that cause our skin to age!

There is also thought that these properties can also help strengthen our skin to help fight and protect it from infection.

What Does All This Mean?

Hemp seed oil is a natural, plant-based source that contains fatty acids, vitamins and other elements that offer medical properties that have been tied to a whole slew of health benefits.

While the potential health benefits of hemp oil are clear, there is still a great deal of research that needs to be done. It’s important to make sure hemp seed oil is safe and provides the benefits it claims.

If you’re going to try these products, make sure it’s from a reliable source. Read reviews and perhaps most importantly, discuss it with your doctor!

We will provide more news and information on this topic as it becomes available.