How Much Do Digital and Bluetooth Hearing Aids Cost?

In the past, people who use hearing aids had a difficult time connecting these to cell phones and smartphones. This is mainly due to the fact that past hearing aids have difficulty picking up the audio from the speaker.

Fortunately, Bluetooth hearing aids came into fruition. Most modern hearing aids now have built-in Bluetooth technology. This allows the user to stream high-quality audio from Bluetooth compatible devices.

These modern hearing aids also have a lot of other high-tech features that makes the user’s life easier. This includes directional microphones, noise cancellations, and tinnitus relief.

How Much Do Digital and Bluetooth Hearing Aids Cost?

Depending on the brand, model and the features, digital/bluetooth hearing aids can cost from $899 per ear to $4000 per ear. The costs vary depending on the factors we have mentioned.

Before you buy a hearing aid, make sure to check with your insurance first. Many, but not all, of today’s plans cover hearing aids.

There are also several financial aid programs that can help significantly lessen the cost.

Additionally, you can check online reviews of the digital or bluetooth hearing aid you’re looking at. It’s helpful to see what other users say about the company, features and quality. It’s also wise to review the warranty and customer support options to make sure they can actually help you connect to the devices you have at home!

Benefits of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

  • Remote control of your hearing aids. You can easily control your hearing aids using a program on your phone, or a streamer.
  • Multiple connections. Most of the time, you can use one streamer and pair it with multiple devices. This makes it easier for you to switch between different devices.
  • Filter background noises. If you are in a noisy or crowded environment, you can easily focus on your phone call or whatever it is you are doing with the help of the noise-cancelling feature.
  • High-quality audio experience. You can connect your device to anything that’s Bluetooth compatible including laptops, PC, smart TVs and more.
  • Personalized listening experience. Thanks to today’s advanced technology, you can also create a personalized listening experience with your Bluetooth hearing aid.

Digital and Bluetooth hearing aids can create a whole new world for their users and technology. Be sure to use the factors noted above when determining which Bluetooth hearing aids are the best. Carefully consider audio quality, value, technology, comfort, customizability, battery life, warranty, tinnitus relief and support features.