How Much Does Medicare Part C Cost?

You must have Medicare Parts A and B to enroll in Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage Plan).

A Medicare Part C plan must cover everything that Parts A and B cover. However, most Part C plans over coverage over and above what original Medicare covers. Exactly what is covered depends on the individual plan.

How Much Does Medicare Part C cost?

Premiums for Medicare Part C will range from $0 to $200, with the average monthly premium coming in around $30.

You will pay your Part B premium plus any additional required premiums. Some Medicare Advantage Plans may pay for part of Part B, so check you plan.

How Much Are Copayments?

Copayments are typically a set dollar amount, based on specific services or visits.

These are changed yearly, and have different rules, based on your medical needs, so make sure you stay on top of these costs.

Currently, the max for out of pocket spending is $6,700 for in-network providers. This cost may go higher if you use out-of-network services or providers.

How Much Are Deductibles Under Medicare Part C?

Only a few Part C plans have annual deductibles. As you shop around for your plan, be sure to ask about any annual deductibles associated with each plan.

How Much Are SNPs Under Medicare Part C?

SNPs (for people with specific diseases) only admit people with Medicare who have serious, chronic medical conditions OR people who have Medicaid and Medicare OR people who live in certain nursing homes or at home but have serious care needs.

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